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Lucky 13

Lucky 13. This is the year. I had an awesome end of 12 to start me off but 13 is lucky. This month has been consistent in weight loss & fitness. My pre planning of meals and fitness routine has paid off. My kids and I are more active.

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A Successful Year

I set out to make this year my healthiest yet. For the first time in years I can say I succeeded. I am 31 pounds lighter than the start of this year. I have visited doctors for all the tests you should get when reaching 40 (gulp). I have new routine in exercising and nutrition that have stuck. One of the routines being a 5 am workout, something I never thought possible. Most importantly I have let my kids take pictures of me and with me. I have inserted a couple my son has taken of me. Do not get me wrong I am not done but I am determined. Going to run now ( literally). Tell me what goals you achieved this year.




Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! What’s that you say? It is only September. Let me clarify. Happy Mom New Year. After a whirl wind summer with the kids September brings new beginnings. After we buy the new backpacks, school supplies, and whatever else the kids’ need, we send them on a bus. What does that bus bring Moms? FREEDOM. Freedom to think about us once again. This year I sent my baby on that bus to full day kindergarten. For the first time in 12 years I am truly free. Ironically this is also the first September in 12 years that I am thinner than I was at the beginning of the summer. That is a story for another post. For now I am going to reorganize my houses & amp up my workouts. I am feeling better already. How do you take care of you when your kids go back to school???


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Summer of success


I know I should not be surprised but I am. Not only am I losing a lot of weight but I am very active. Activity is not on the back burner. I have not missed a day of exercise all summer. And you know what? The summer is almost over. There have been days that I just went on a long walk but I still got out there and did something. I have tracked points consistently and gone to all weigh ins at Weight Watchers. My kids have not suffered because of any of this. I always thought in the past that the summer was all about the kids. I now enjoy getting up at 5am to workout before they are up. If only the kids would just let me clean the house on a regular basis. One step at a time. Next moving on to a fabulous fall! Wish me luck!

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A Big Leap


The scale has never been my friend. I hate stepping on a scale, a task I complete every Saturday. Walking into my weight watchers meeting this week I did not know what to expect. I have been losing steadily a pound a week but this week I really stepped up my fitness. I went to the gym five days and took three spin classes, ran some serious miles, & lifted weights. I sweated hard. Even better than the fitness? I ate very clean. In social situations I ate more vegetables than not. So I knew I worked hard but it never prepared me for the results on that scale. I lost….wait for it. 5.2 pounds! Can you believe it? The lesson here is stick with it. That scale will move when you least expect it.


Family Affair

Sabotage. Enabling. Words that describe my Husband’s behavior when I am trying to be healthy. Not anymore. I have officially pushed my husband aboard. Happily aboard. He is walking on the treadmill and I am packing him a healthy lunch to bring to work. The best news of all? We are active with the kids. Taking them on walks, swimming with them, and hiking every Sunday. I knew eventually my getting up at 5 am would rub off on him. It just takes time. I see a future of healthy living as a family for years to come. How do you stay active with your family?


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Losing while winning

I am losing it! Pounds that is. I am back on the right track. I am doing it slowly at 1-1.5 pounds a week but I am happy. Past summers I neglected my health to take care of the kids. This summer it is about me. I have not missed a day of exercise. It may not always be a sweaty heart pounding spin class or run but I do some form of exercise everyday. The secret to my success? Get it done early. Most days at 5:30 I get to the gym for a spin class or a run. The others a 7 am walk. My second secret? No sitting down all day. The kids are active, I am too. Losing while winning is the way to go. What are your weight loss secrets?


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Rough. That is the only way to describe this summer. Being a Mom is never easy but the summer months it is magnified. It has been so hot here on the east coast so keeping the kids busy has become a challenge. My running has taken a back seat. I am still spinning 3-4 days a week at 5:30 am but I hate the treadmill. Running in this heat is not for me. Interval training on the treadmill keeps me a little interested as well as the elliptical. I keep active all day with the kids. Swimming is a favorite activity that can last for hours. It has been rough so far, let’s hope it gets better. How do you stay safe and active in the summer?


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Just do it

Just do it. We have all seen the logo. But do we truly understand what it means? I think I do because I am doing it. It being reaching my fitness goals. Every morning for over two weeks I have hauled myself out of bed at an ungodly hour and into a workout. Sometimes it is a quiet run over my hilly streets or an intense 5:30 spin class. Whatever the workout I just do it…everyday. When the workout is over I have a big smile on my face. I feel high, happy, proud. Why? Because I Just Did It. How do you feel when you are reaching your goals?


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Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #fitstats for 6/12/2012: 8,947 steps and 3.6 miles traveled.

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